Happy Home Cleaning offers several different packages. The price ranges listed below indicate an estimated range and once we directly communicate about the amount of bathrooms, stories, and grime in the home, we are able to finalize the quote to an exact dollar amount. These packages are subject to change depending on walk through assessment if applicable. Note: A walk through is not always required. Call or text today to find out more information. Thanks!

     75 minutes in length and you choose/ list the tasks in order of priority.

LIGHT CLEAN: $65-$145 These may require a walk through
     This level of cleaning is suitable to for homes that do NOT have excess build up of dust, dirt, soap scum, kitchen grime or grease, etc. This is a basic spray and wipe with feather dusting and general floor cleaning. No magic erasers, scour pads or extra elbow grease.

MEDIUM CLEAN: $95-$235
     This level of cleaning includes magic eraser scrubbing and scour pads as needed in bathrooms and kitchen. Also includes a wood polish spray and wipe dusting vs the feather dusting in the light package. More time will be spent in each area to provide a significantly more thorough cleaning than the above package.

DEEP CLEAN: $175-$400
     This level of cleaning is essentially a medium cleaning with the extras added on. These include but are not limited to fan blades, blinds, window sills, baseboards, cupboard fronts and interior window glass.

MOVE IN/OUT: $300-$600+ These usually require a walk through
     This cleaning will include all the medium and deep cleaning tasks with the addition of cleaning the inside of kitchen and bathroom cupboards/drawers/closet shelves, and magic eraser scrubbing the smudges off walls, doors, light switches, and electric outlet covers where needed. 

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